Venue Reminders

We want to do our best to avoid any last minute surprises! 

We’ve compiled this list of reminders based on our experience with many of these surprises! We want to avoid any potential problems before they happen. 

Please reach out if you have any questions! 


All vendors must be able to list The Bridge and the building owner as additionally insured on their insurance policy. This is clearly stated in our contract. We require this to add an additional layer of protection so to ensure that we can continue to serve couples for years to come!

Guest Counts

The maximum guest counts are as follows:
Inside ceremonies: 200 guests
Outside ceremonies: 180 chairs (can invite up to 200 guests if you wish. People stand in the back)
Reception: 250 guests
If you have a ceremony, you do not need to limit your reception to maximum ceremony numbers. Plenty of weddings invite less people to the ceremony than the reception (Example: inviting 160 to ceremony with ceremony start time and 220 to reception with cocktail hour start time).

Security Deposit

We collect this for a reason! If there is any extra cleanup, damage, or breach of contract we reserve the right to retain the security deposit.

Decor Drop Off/Pick Up

All decor must be delivered and removed from the venue (without damaging the property) within your scheduled rental time!

Outside Caterers

Do NOT sign contracts with any caterers that we have not approved. Per the contract, we must approve caterers before working in our space. Please see a list of what to look for and the approval process here.

Coordinator is Required

Failure to have a professional coordinator on your wedding day will lead to a potential disaster and loss of security deposit due to breach of contract/extra work on our staff. Please see our list of coordinator expectations here.

Outside Alcohol is Not Allowed

This is not negotiable. Our failure to enforce this could result in the loss of our liquor license. There is absolutely no outside alcohol allowed on the property the day of the wedding. If you are looking to have drinks while getting ready please let us know and we can get a bartender on staff for an hourly rate. 

Parking in Garage Overnight

There is an overnight parking ban in the public parking garage in order to get residents of the condos parking in their assigned spots. Those parking overnight are risking a $25 ticket.