Coordinator Expectations

As you know, we REQUIRE that you hire a professional coordinator and highly suggest working with one of our preferred coordinators for your wedding. However, we understand that couples will sometimes want to explore other options when it comes to coordinators. Below is list of what you should be looking for when searching for a coordinator. 


The only requirements we have for coordinators are:

1. They are a licensed professional (not a family member/guest)

1. They are able to list us and the building owner as additionally insured on their insurance policy.


Remember that the specific tasks of a day-of coordinator may vary depending on the couple’s preferences, the wedding size, and the specific arrangements made with the coordinator. This is just a general guide for what you should be thinking about when looking for a coordinator.

What to Look for In A Coordinator

Pre-Wedding Preparation
A coordinator reviews all the details and plans with the couple to understand their vision and preferences. They coordinate with vendors to confirm arrival times, services, and any specific requirements and create a detailed timeline and schedule for the wedding day.
Rehearsal Coordination
A coordinator organizes and conducts the wedding rehearsal, guiding the wedding party through the ceremony processional, recessional, and any special instructions.
Wedding Day Set-Up
A coordinator arranges and oversees the set-up of ceremony and reception , including décor, seating arrangements, centerpieces, and other details. They ensure that all rented items are properly delivered and set up.
Vendor Management
A coordinator communicates with all the wedding vendors, such as photographers, florists, caterers, DJ, transportation providers, and venue manager. They assist vendors with any logistical questions or issues that may arise during the day. They also ensure that vendors are on time, following the agreed-upon schedule, and fulfilling their responsibilities.
Ceremony Coordination
A coordinator assists with the placement of ceremony accessories, such as programs, unity candles, and guest books. Cues the ceremony musicians or DJ for the processional and recessional. Guides the wedding party and ensuring they are in the right order for the processional.
Reception Management
A coordinator oversees the flow and timing of the reception events, such as the grand entrance, first dance, toasts, cake cutting, and bouquet toss. They assist with the seating arrangements and directing guests to their assigned tables and ensure that the caterer follows the planned menu and serving schedule.
A coordinator is able to resolve any unexpected issues that may arise during the wedding day, such as vendor delays, missing items, or last-minute changes. They act as a point of contact for guests, vendors, and the wedding party, addressing their questions or concerns.
Timeline Execution
A coordinator ensures that the wedding day timeline is followed, keeping events and transitions on schedule. They with the couple and key stakeholders to ensure they are aware of upcoming events and changes in the schedule.
Pack-up and Clean-up
A coordinator usually leads the breakdown and clean-up of the ceremony and reception after the event. This includes ensuring that personal items, gifts, and decorations are packed and handed over to the designated person or family member, as well as assists with the departure of guests and vendors if needed.
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