Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and the answers to those questions! We will add as we feel necessary!

Do I need to get glassware from the caterers?

Yes! We do not supply any of the tableware for dinner. All table glassware (water, wine, champagne) and dinnerware needs to be provided by the caterers. 

Can I put 11 guests at a table?

No! Tables are able to seat UP TO 10 guests. It is way too tight for caterers to be able to do the place settings and for guests to sit at. Even if you know your guests “wouldn’t care if it’s tight”, we really really really don’t suggest going above 10 guests at a table.

What does Table Wine Service mean?

Table wine service is when the bartenders come around during dinner to fill the wine glasses. This typically begins when caterers start to put the salads out for plated meals or when people begin getting dismissed to the buffet. Bartenders will come around with 1 red wine and 1 white wine. They typically pick whatever people have been drinking the most of unless you specify otherwise. 

What time can I or my vendors arrive at The Bridge?

Standard rental time starts at 12 pm. If you have your ceremony on site you receive early access at 10 am. Everyone has the option of adding additional morning hours for an hourly rate. The earliest we allow access to the venue is 8 am.

If we add an extra Event Hour does that mean the bar is closed during dinner?

No! You can extend the bar package to that 6th hour as well. We have the hourly structure for the bar package so you can be flexible with how you want it to be!
5 hour event with a 4 hour bar = bar closed during dinner
5 hour event with a 5 hour bar = bar open during dinner
6 hour event with a 5 hour bar = bar closed during dinner
6 hour event with a 6 hour bar = bar open during dinner

Why does my coordinator need insurance?

We get this question a lot from couples and coordinators. We had an incident where a coordinator was careless with tealight candles and pampas grass. This lead to a large fire that could have caused serious damage to the building.
There is no way of knowing who or what can cause serious injury or damage on the property on the day of an event. That is why we require ALL vendors to list us and the building owner as additionally insured. 

I accidently booked a vendor that does not have insurance.
This vendor told me they had insurance but they mislead me.
What can I do?

This situation can lead to unnecessary stress leading up to the wedding. If they are not able to obtain insurance for the day of the event they will not be allowed to work in our space. There are some third party insurance companies that do “one off” coverages for events that we can recommend. Sometimes this can be costly and the vendor will pass the expense off to you. This is why it is important to vet your vendors and ensure you are hiring professionals, not hobbyists, for your wedding!