DJ Expectations

As you know, we highly suggest working with one of our preferred DJs for your wedding. However, we understand that couples will sometimes want to explore other options. Below is a list of expectations we expect from DJs working in our space. 

#1. Limit Excessive Volume/Bass
Louder is not always better! Some DJs feel like they're not doing their job if people can still have a conversation. FALSE! A good wedding DJ does not need to over compensate with insane volume. We are in a residential area and need to limit volume to around 85-90 decibels. If they hit 95, we ask them to turn the music down. We promise that even 90 is borderline too loud to enjoy your wedding.
#2. They must provide their own equipment
We have a house system that they are able to use the aux cord to play a Spotify playlist for cocktail hour but we do not allow them to plug directly into our system (besides our preferred DJs). We do not supply any equipment for them to do their jobs (microphones, speakers, lights).
#3. They must be are able to provide a Certificate of Insurance listing The Bridge Lemont LLC and 308 Canal LLC as additionally insured up to $1,000,000 per incidence.
This is a requirement for all vendors when working at The Bridge Lemont. Any professional vendor should have no problem providing a COI with other businesses listed as additionally insured on their policy.
#4. No Duct Tape, only Gaffers Tape.
Any professional wedding DJ will have this tape. It is special tape so that it does not leave a residue behind after pulling it up.
#5. No Sparklers/Smoke/Confetti
Any sort of add ons that a DJ sells you must be approved first. Our building is 90% wood and we'd like our building to remain standing after your wedding. Please reach out to us if you are considering doing anything "extra". Approval is up to our discression.
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Please take a look at the reviews below of our most preferred DJ, Shaun Anthony – Signature Entertainment! His website can be found here!