FAQs & Guest Communication Suggestions


Parking is one of the most important things to communicate with your guests! Street parking is available but can be limited. We suggest directing them to our webpage here.

After Parties

Couples ask us all the time where to go after the wedding! Hughies up the street is always a popular option. There is also Bottles next to Pollyanna. There is also a little dive bar called Tom’s that some people go to as well. All are right up the street!

Ask for help!

There is a big difference in packing up with the weddings that have friends and guests prepared to help pack and those that stand around and get in the way! Maybe drop a hint that you guys might need some help packing stuff up at the end of the evening. 

No Alcohol

Please be sure to communicate to your wedding party that there is no outside alcohol allowed at the event! We have plenty when the bar opens!