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Reasons To Consider Friday Weddings

Friday weddings are becoming more and more common, and with good reason! A Friday wedding can be less stressful, allow you to spend more time with your guests, and even be cheaper.

Wedding planning is always an exciting time. Couples are running around, making plans, and making dreams come to life for their special day. But wedding planning also comes with plenty of stress, mishaps, and drama. Couples are faced with difficult decisions like where to have their wedding, when, how to decorate, and how many guests to invite.

One decision that is typically not stressful is which day to have the wedding. Most couples choose a Saturday since they’re off of work, it’s a weekend, and people can stay out later. However, there are also other days a couple can pick for their wedding. In fact, it may be cheaper and easier to book if it’s on a Friday rather than a Saturday.

Read on for some reasons to consider Friday weddings and why they may be better for your special day.


Venue Availability

There are a lot of other couples out there, just like you, trying to book their favorite wedding venue. With all that competition, venues often fill up fast. Many venues can see their Saturdays all booked up to a year or even two years in advance!

But, if a couple chooses a Friday wedding, there is much more of a chance that the venue will have availability. This is an excellent option for a couple that wants to get married in a peak season (like spring or fall) or would prefer to get married quickly to avoid a long engagement.

Some venues, like us here at The Bridge Lemont, have the availability online. Having this availability online can save you time and energy, especially if you have a specific day or month in mind. If a venue doesn’t have their availability publicly available, the first question you should ask them is whether or not they are available on your preferred date.


Having a Friday wedding can be cheaper

Friday Weddings Are Often Cheaper

Wedding venues want to fill their event space whenever they’re open. It’s how they make money. They also know that Fridays are not as popular as Saturdays and, therefore, may price them lower. If you notice that the price is not that much cheaper than Saturday, feel free to ask the venue why and if there are additional discounts.

Keep in mind that vendors may also be cheaper on a Friday compared to the weekend. On Saturdays, vendors often have to double (or triple!) book themselves to make all couples happy. A Friday may not be as busy, so you can rest assured that your vendors will see your items down to the finest details and not be rushed while doing so.


More Time With Family

You invited your family to your wedding for a reason. Having a Friday wedding allows you to spend time with them before they have to leave and go home. This is especially true for out-of-town guests. Traveling to a wedding that is not in your surrounding area takes time and money, and spending quality time with these essential people in your life is important.

Perhaps your honeymoon doesn’t start until Sunday or even Monday. You can invite those out-of-towners over for a meal on Saturday while you’re packing for your honeymoon.


Brunch with family the day after your Friday wedding

Your Guests Will Thank You

Let’s face it. At most weddings, people will be drinking and dancing the night away. But if your wedding is on a Saturday night, people only have Sunday to recuperate before they have to go back to work.

By having your wedding on a Friday, guests still have the luxury of being off the next day while still being able to get things done on Sunday when they’re feeling better.

It also helps out-of-town guests because they can spread out their flights and not feel like they’re coming into town for a few hours only to leave again a few hours later.



Weddings are one of the most exciting and momentous events in your lifetime. Luckily, they don’t always have to break the bank. Whether you’re on a budget or not, there are many pros to having your wedding on a Friday instead of a Saturday. You get more time, more availability, and more recovery time after your epic day.

Please check out our pricing for Friday weddings. We can also steer you in the direction of some vendors that may have additional discounts or incentives for a Friday wedding!

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