Our Story

Step into The Bridge, where love and celebration come together seamlessly! Meet Kevin and Alisa, the dynamic husband and wife duo and proud part owners of The Bridge Lemont.

Their love story is a modern-day fairy tale, sparked by a connection on a dating app. Alisa, a Lemont native, discovered a shared alma mater, Illinois Wesleyan, with Kevin. A simple outreach led to a whirlwind romance – five months later, they were engaged, and a year after that, they joyfully exchanged vows.

While Alisa originally pursued a career in nursing, her journey took a delightful turn towards weddings and creating unforgettable memories for couples. On the other hand, Kevin, with a background in business administration and psychology, found himself substitute teaching at Lemont High School and coaching both the Girls and Boys Swim Teams post-college.

They moved to Lemont and welcomed a new baby boy, JJ. Their family also consists of their adorable daughter Gracie and charming Mini-Aussie, Mildred. Kevin and Alisa’s love for Lemont runs deep. They share a profound passion for the community and take immense pride in providing a beautiful space for weddings and events at The Bridge. Join us in creating cherished moments that last a lifetime!


Jerry and Julie are the other two hearts and souls behind The Bridge Lemont! As proud parents to Alisa and dedicated owners of The Bridge, they have been integral to the flourishing legacy of our wedding venue. With a commitment spanning over two decades, Jerry and Julie have poured their hearts into the charming town of Lemont. 

Their contributions range from organizing lively beer festivals to actively participating in the development of Talcott Square, home of what is now Pollyanna and Bottles! Their unwavering dedication has played a significant role in transforming downtown Lemont into the vibrant and thriving destination it is today!


Introducing Stephanie, our invaluable Venue Director at The Bridge Lemont, who excels in creating unforgettable experiences for our cherished couples!

With a background in assisting with trade shows at the Stevenson Convention Center, Stephanie brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Her proficiency in managing events hosting thousands of people speaks volumes about her organizational skills and the ability to handle intricate details seamlessly.

At The Bridge, Stephanie has truly found her passion, where she channels her talents into ensuring that every couple’s special day is nothing short of extraordinary. Her dedication and exceptional care shine through as she tends to the needs of our couples, making their wedding experience at The Bridge Lemont truly magical.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Stephanie is a loving mother to her daughter, Olivia. Stephanie’s nurturing spirit extends from her professional endeavors to her personal life, making her not only an outstanding team member but also a devoted mother.

Stephanie’s commitment to excellence, coupled with her warm and attentive nature, makes her an invaluable asset to The Bridge Lemont. We are fortunate to have her as a key player in our team, dedicated to making each wedding celebration a seamless and memorable experience for our couples.