How To Plan a Rustic Wedding

Every couple has a dream wedding style for their special day. Whether it’s romantic florals, modern elegance, or even themed around your favorite fandom, the style of your wedding goes a long way toward setting the tone for your whole wedding celebration.

And one of the more popular trends in the last few years? A rustic wedding!

Rustic weddings are a favorite among couples because they are typically more casual and understated in terms of the décor and style. But understated certainly doesn’t have to mean boring.

Read on to find out how to plan a rustic wedding that will be nothing short of spectacular.


What Is A Rustic Wedding?

At this point, you’ve probably attended a few rustic weddings and noticed that they may have looked very different. So what exactly is a rustic wedding?

In this case, “rustic” refers more to a style or aesthetic rather than a theme. A rustic wedding is anything that has more natural outdoor elements woven into the decoration and setting. Think of farm weddings, forest weddings, or other remote locations.

You can have a rustic wedding anywhere you like with the right decorations. Flowers are always a popular centerpiece and they combine well with foliage and greenery to complete the tone of your big day.

Rustic weddings always opt for a more natural look with wooden tables and chairs and hessian fabric used for minimal decoration. Rustic weddings work for any season because you can borrow elements of whatever season in your decor to complete the rustic look.

Now that we have a general idea of what a rustic wedding is, let’s talk about how to plan one.


A bride poses for a photo in front of the Bridge Lemont fireplace.
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Finding the Right Rustic Wedding Location

The most important thing in planning a rustic wedding (or any wedding!) is your location. If your heart is set on having a rustic wedding, a grand cathedral with stained glass windows doesn’t really fit the aesthetic.

The most popular destinations for a rustic wedding are usually barns, farms, parks, or even a spacious backyard. That way, the setting is already rustic, and you’re already out in nature.

Having your wedding in a barn may sound fun and different, but when your location is not regularly used for wedding ceremonies and receptions, much of the setup burden falls on your shoulders. That means designing the layout, bringing in the chairs and tables, making sure the space will be comfortable for your guests (think about the smells and bugs that come with being outdoors), and designing much of your wedding look from scratch.

For some, a blank canvas is a dream come true, but for others, that’s a lot of stress on your plate when you already have everything else on your wedding planning checklist to handle too.

Having a wedding on a farm or in the mountains also means more traveling for guests, which is not the easiest thing to plan.

The good news is you can find a rustic wedding venue that already has the outdoorsy look you’re going for.

Look for wooden beams, plenty of natural light, exposed bricks, barn doors, and more rustic features when touring prospective wedding venues.


rustic wedding at The Bridge Lemont

Get the Right Rustic Wedding Look

From your wedding dress to the place settings, a rustic wedding look is all about looking natural.

When thinking about your wedding color palette, look for colors that match not only your venue but also your surroundings. For example, in the fall, go with deep reds, greens, and burnt oranges that will match the leaves falling. The bonus to using the season to choose your wedding colors is you can include some of those natural elements—like leaves, branches, and flowers—in your decor.

To have a rustic bridal look, lace and beadwork look stunning against a barn-like backdrop, and you can play with unconventional accessories like cowboy boots. And while the groom can still be decked out in a tux, don’t be afraid to opt for a casual suit or even jeans.

A rustic wedding is also the perfect style for a bride who loves DIY. Chalkboards and wooden signage, wooden barrels as cocktail tables, mason jars, and lanterns are all decor options that are easy to make yourself if you have the time.

A rustic wedding is the perfect marriage of elegance and simplicity. Using natural elements as part of your decor and a neutral color palette will give your wedding a timeless look.


The Bridge Lemont Is a Rustic Wedding Venue In a City Setting

A wedding in a romantic forest might seem like a wild adventure, but the unpredictability of the weather will only add stress to your day. That doesn’t mean you have to give up your rustic wedding dreams.

The Bridge Lemont is an indoor rustic wedding venue space with a grand fireplace, plenty of natural lighting that enhances the romantic atmosphere, exposed brick walls, and plenty more rustic touches.

If you’re looking for a ready-to-go rustic wedding setting, contact the Bridge Lemont to start planning your happily ever after today.

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